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A New World, A New Way of Living is Upon Us

Wow, we have seen so many changes in the past weeks. Kids are home from school, most of us are working from home, restaurants, theaters, sporting events all closed and cancelled. Under the quarantine we are all feeling a bit confined and confused. So much change and uncertainty have been imposed upon us in a matter of days. 

Now, more than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries . It’s our place of safety. Our sense of family has an even greater meaning now. Hopefully we have all had some time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have our homes and family with us and to live in such a beautiful town with open space all around. 

Our real estate industry has been impacted; there are less sales and fewer homes coming on the market. But, there will be a silver lining. We will get through this crisis, and we will be stronger because of it. We will recover; but the question is more about how long it will take and what will the fallout be in the meantime. 

According to The California Association of Realtors, “The situation remains fluid, and conditions could deteriorate beyond what is currently envisioned depending on the severity and duration of the outbreak, but if current economic forecasts of modest declines in GDP growth are realized, the effects of lower rates should help to offset the effects of a slower economy and increased economic uncertainty such that California would still achieve a modest improvement in both home sales and prices this year.” 

Here in California, Realtors, Lenders, Title Companies and all associated vendors such as inspectors and movers, are considered “essential”. There are ways that we can still show and sell properties. Many realtors have been able to provide a Virtual Suite of services that will enable buyers and sellers to transact. 

Danville is a great community. Let’s support each other in as many ways as possible; support our local community, and do our part as responsible citizens to protect all that is important to us. 

Here’s a great website for us all: #DeliverDanville can help keep our community employed and businesses open so that our city can recover quickly once the quarantine has been lifted. 

Be healthy, stay safe, be kind and mindful. 

See you around town….. After the quarantine has been lifted. 

By Janice Jordan, Broker/Associate, Compass Realty, Resident since 1998 

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Janice Jordan
Janice Jordan, Compass Broker/Associate

Janice Jordan comes from three generations of real estate experts. Her passion and perseverance, combined with 30 years of experience and being a Danville resident for over 20 years, is her key to creating an extraordinary client experience, always exceeding expectations, and the reason clients call on her every time they are buying or selling a home. She is an upstanding member of the community and spends her time volunteering and supporting local events.

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