Resident Feature

A Walk Through History

My sister and I each placed a penny on Paul Revere’s grave. I can’t believe we saw so many famous Americans.

This summer I went to Boston and got to see my aunt, uncle and grandma. It was a great family reunion. My uncle grew up in Boston and had so many funny stories about living there. 

In Boston Commons, we went to the frog pond, which is a giant, shallow, kiddie pool with a fountain in the middle of it. I ran around with my cousins and had so much fun. 

Boston is a great place to walk around. We went on the Freedom Trail where we walked all the way to Bunker Hill. That’s where a huge battle took place during the Revolutionary War. We saw Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church, and the site where the Boston Massacre took place. We also got to go on the USS Constitution, nicknamed Old Ironsides. All through Boston we saw old graveyards where people who actually participated in the Boston Tea Party were buried. 

“Kilroy was here” was written all over the duck boats. It has a really long story, but basically it became a symbol to American soldiers in WWII to feel connected to America and remember what they were fighting for.

We did so many cool things in Boston. The baseball park is called Fenway Park and one wall is called “The Green Monster”. We went and saw a Red Sox game, even though we’re not Red Sox fans, it was cool to see the oldest ballpark in America! 

Have you ever heard of a duck boat? It’s a car that also goes INTO the water! That was a super cool way to tour the city. 

If you like history and walking a lot, Boston is a great place to visit! 

By JP Sullivan, Third Grade