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April…Let Yourself Bloom

April celebrates many National days. And why not? After all, the month of April derives its name from the Latin word “aperio”, meaning to open or bud. Literally, this is the month that plants begin to grow, blossom and display their beauty. It makes perfect sense that April 13 is International Plant Appreciation Day and April 14 is National Gardening Day. As we reflect on nature’s rebirth, how can we make April the month to celebrate our own new beginnings? 

Ironically, April is also Stress Awareness Month. Stress is probably the most immobilizing tool we have to keep us in a fixed mindset and limits our growth. As a Life Coach, stress has become one of the key topics my clientele experience, especially with the unknowns of the Pandemic and World Affairs. The ability to recognize your stress and name it are key components to managing your stress. What other tools can we utilize to prevent the weight of stress from limiting a growth mindset and inspiring our ability to recognize challenges as opportunities? 

Well, guess what? April 14 is National Moments of Laughter Day, while April 17 to 23 is National Volunteer Week. Laughter is one of the most valuable medicines to relieve stress and to find your inner joy. If you can find the humor in the daily events that limit you, what a wonderful opportunity to clear your head and create the mindset to recognize other perspectives for managing your stress. Volunteering is another worthwhile activity; devoting time to something you value can allow a fresh new start to your daily routine. 

Did I say that April 14 is also Look Into The Sky Day? As you breathe in the fresh blossoms of Spring to rejuvenate yourself, take a good long look into the sky for inspiration… “you got this!” 

These national days of celebration are reminders that we can all find inspiration and joy if we are truly open to possibilities. This April, let’s choose to welcome in the beauty of new beginnings and new growth. If you feel stuck, let’s talk. I would love to partner with you to explore who you want to be in this next phase of your life.

Christina Dalton is the Principal of EYH Life Coach. She applies her own personal and career transitions along with several degrees and credentials to provide insight and knowledge into the coaching experience. Christina handpicks her staff, all of whom are ICF credentialed and have unique experiences to create invaluable coaching sessions. 

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Christina Dalton
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Christina Dalton is the principal Life Coach for Expanding YOUR Horizons. She is credentialed through ICF as a PCC, Professional Certified Coach. She has worked with people in all stages of life; including students, families, new businesses, etc. Christina embodies the passion and enthusiasm for you to reach your FULL professional and personal potential. “Working with us is a wonderful journey in growth fueled by empowerment, passion and execution.”

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