Resident Feature

Behind the Screen:

How are SRVHS Students Doing?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on the other side of the screen as a student with this online education system? I went on a mission to interview some San Ramon Valley High School students to get their personal thoughts on this matter. 

The teachers at SRV have done an incredible job at making students feel comfortable behind the screen during these times; whether that be giving extra time on tests/quizzes, homework, or by letting students stay after class to ask questions. SRV students I interviewed revealed that one of their main challenges with this new online education is the lack of social interaction and inability to see their friends most days. One way some students overcame this challenge is by facetiming their friends during breaks or passing periods during school hours. This way, students can stay connected with one another throughout the day just as they would on campus. Some students said they do group facetime calls to simulate them hanging out as a group, discussing various topics while on break. It’s great to stay connected with friends and fellow peers in these times of isolation as a way to not feel alone because everyone is together in this. 

Another challenge students face during online education is the technical issues that come with being on a computer several hours a day. The San Ramon Valley High School Staff have made it very easy to get the technical support we need for when our Zoom meeting isn’t working or if we have internet issues. On the SRV website, there are lists with different numbers you can call that lead to SRV staff members who help students every day, step by step on how to solve their technical issues. The support that SRV provides for their students really shows how dedicated they are to helping us succeed daily. Many of us students appreciate the help and comfort that SRV teachers and staff provide for us and it is a key factor to why many of us are thriving during these uncertain times.

By Oliver Falahat, Junior Reporter