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Expanding Your Horizons and reaching your potential with life coaching

“A challenge is an opportunity to grow and become more complete,” says Christina Dalton of EYH Life Coach. Clients, who are in transition in their careers or personal life, come to EYH Life Coach to work on discovering their full capabilities, dreams, and goals, and then achieving success. It’s a powerful partnership based on sound guidance, extensive experience in counseling and thoughtful listening. It’s a partnership Christina is proud to be part of. 

Christina started the company in March 2020. In hindsight the timing was fortuitous as many people found themselves in transition due to the pandemic. With a Master’s degree in counseling under her belt, she also received training as a Certified Life Coach from UC Davis. In the past 22 months she has coached clients all over California and even internationally as the pandemic led to more opportunities for online meetings. She has handpicked a dynamic group of counselors to work with her, each who offers their own unique skills, from specialties in health, personal exploration, transitions, executive coaching, family dynamics including children on the spectrum. 

Christina is inspired by her family…a wonderful husband, three adult children, three little grandchildren, and three toy Australian Shepherds, and also by being part of other people’s journeys to succeed in a full life. “There is nothing more amazing than watching a person dig into their true self and live what they have always imagined.” 

Her own career transition into this field allows her time to spend with her family, play tennis and golf and be involved in Rotary Club, ToastMasters and the International Coaching Federation. 

“I believe in daily empowerment and self improvement,” adds Christina. “Each day provides me a brand new journey. I am blessed to be in such an exciting and forward moving career.” 

She invites potential clients to try a complimentary session to see if it’s right for you. Contact Christina Dalton at calberkgirl65@

By Kara Navolio

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Christina Dalton
EYH Life Coach

Christina Dalton is the principal Life Coach for Expanding YOUR Horizons. She is credentialed through ICF as a PCC, Professional Certified Coach. She has worked with people in all stages of life; including students, families, new businesses, etc. Christina embodies the passion and enthusiasm for you to reach your FULL professional and personal potential. “Working with us is a wonderful journey in growth fueled by empowerment, passion and execution.”

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