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Fire Hardening;

How Does it Affect Your Home?

The California market has been on fire this past year. In some areas that is a literal statement. So far, in 2021, almost 2 million acres have burned and over 3 thousand structures have succumbed to these fires. These statistics don’t even take into account the devastation to our wildlife and livestock.

So what is Fire Hardening? This is a term that is used to describe the process by which a homeowner must keep their property cleared of highly flammable debris. This Fire Hardening law is actually a requirement now for all Real Estate transactions.

How does the Fire Hardening Law affect me? When you sell a property, you are required to comply with the Federal, State and local area mandates on maintaining a defensible space around your property. If you want a free inspection of your property you can go to Cal Fire’s website at Those of us here on Westside Danville do not live in a High or Severe Fire Zone, but it is good practice to understand defensible space and keep your property safe with a 100 foot non-flammable buffer around your home.

Many of us love to visit Tahoe and the Redwoods that are just hours away from us. Each year our fires increase in number and severity. We must act responsibly in every way possible to protect our beautiful state and all its precious resources.

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Janice Jordan is a third generation real estate expert. She has lived in Danville for over twenty years. In her spare time Janice loves to hang out with her daughter Jenna and go on outdoor adventures of all kinds.