Resident Feature

Goat Racer Coffee Co.

Opens up on Hartz

Have you seen the new coffee place downtown? If you thought it was a new café, you wouldn’t be the first. But it’s actually much more than that! Owner Michael Fernandes says, “We want to be a one-stop shop for all coffee needs in our community. A customer who walks into our shop can purchase coffee equipment, schedule repairs and purchase our locally roasted coffee.” 

Michael and Lilia Fernandes developed Goat Racer Coffee Co. with Arian Hamidi, who I had the pleasure of sitting with and learning all about the coffee roasting process. Michael first discovered a taste for coffee when he worked as a barista at Starbucks in high school. He has since made it his career and passion, opening his own company fixing coffee machines in 2010. “An opportunity came up a few years ago when [Arian] informed us that he would be moving to the US. We knew about his coffee roasting experience in Germany and thought we could work together to roast coffee here in the US.” Once in the store, there’s plenty to see: the espresso machines are beautiful and the scent of fresh coffee will instantly energize you.

I certainly consider myself an amateur coffee drinker, but I so enjoyed learning about all the different levels of roasting from Arian. Black coffee can be so flavorful when done well. I know Goat Racer Coffee Co. has big plans and we’re excited to see where they take their business! 

Goat Racer Coffee Co. 
281 Hartz Avenue 
Monday-Thursday 8-2pm 

  By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017