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How to Pick Out an Engagement Ring

That Will Leave Them Speechless

Choosing an engagement ring is not a decision to be taken lightly. The cost and the meaning carry significant weight, and it can be a lot of pressure trying to pick out a ring that they’ll love forever. With a little bit of guidance from experts in the diamond business, you’ll be down on one knee in no time. Here are some strategies for picking out an engagement ring that will leave them speechless…in a good way.

Do Your Research

Even if you think you could pick out what they like, doing a little bit of research will help ensure you make the right choice. Be observant of what their personal style says about them. Try to think of a few words that you would use to describe your significant other. Are they classic? Traditional? Or are they always up on the latest Instagram and Pinterest trends? This type of information will be helpful when you’re working with one of our non-commissioned advisors at Padis.

Some other ways to get to know their style on a deeper level include:

  • Ask friends or family members for recommendations
  • Find out what kind of ring their favorite celebrity wears
  • Consider “hints” that they’ve given you
  • Notice whether they prefer gold or silver jewelry
  • If they have a Pinterest board, check to see if they’ve saved any rings
  • Learn about diamond quality, settings, and the Four Cs

Shop In-Person–Not Just Online

It’s intuitive to simply browse online for an engagement ring. After all, shopping online is how many of us buy clothes, household items, and even groceries. We do encourage you to do some preliminary browsing online. However, unlike other diamond retailers that sell exclusively online, we believe there’s hardly a better way to shop for an engagement ring than in-person with a diamond expert.

We own our inventory and have our master jewelers on premise every day, so you get to take home your purchase that day. The hurdle of seeing a photo of something online and then seeing it in person once it’s delivered can be a tough jump for many people who end up disappointed with the quality of the diamond they receive. When you shop in-person, you’re able to ask questions about and compare side by side the color, cut, and clarity. An in-person buying experience gives you the trust and confidence you should have when making such a special purchase.

Lean on a Diamond Expert for Guidance

What’s great about a non-commissioned advisor is that you could potentially walk into one of our showrooms without any idea what to purchase and walk out with a solid plan or even a ring in hand. Many people put up a wall when they shop for engagement rings and fine jewelry because they think the advisor is only trying to make a sale. As members of the American Gem Society, Padis Jewelry is of the top 5% of jewelers across the country and committed to consumer protection and annual continuing education to ensure you have an expert to work with. Working closely with a diamond consultant is to your benefit. With years and even decades of knowledge, our staff is there to educate and guide you.

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By Steve Padis, Padis Jewelry and The Forevermark Boutique at Broadway Plaza