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Local Author Pens New Children’s Book

As an educator, I was made aware of a student’s negative experience that turned into a positive, purely educational and inspiring story. Personally, I am so deeply proud of the way the student’s parents handled the situation. The results of this interaction will be powerful and long lasting throughout our community and beyond. This parent, Tanya Earls, a mother, nurse, and now self-published author chose to research and write a children’s book called Ancient Africa. She did this to heal, teach and celebrate her daughter’s culture. Tanya is also gifting the book to the elementary schools in the district and asking that African History be included in their curriculum. Acceptance, awareness and equality is her purpose. She will also be giving a talk to the American Association of University Women in September.

From the author, Tanya Earls: 

“February 3, 2020 changed my daughter’s life and my purpose is to cultivate a difference. 

I am Tanya Earls – mother, nurse leader, and author of Ancient Africa, a children’s book dedicated to my daughter. The decision to write my first self-published book came after my daughter faced an experience no one should ever have to go through. 

There is an abundance of knowledge awaiting discovery and REPRESENTATION truly matters. As a community, celebrating all cultures is essential in nurturing a state of acceptance and pride in the hearts of our children. Empathy and compassion hold the key to human connection. 

My desire is to write educational books which foster knowledge and enhance the well-being of all children. My goal is to donate my book to elementary schools, children’s literacy programs, and pediatric units in hospitals locally and nationwide. I believe in the magnitude of a collective effort – it is a powerful force. I am asking that Unity Consciousness be at the forefront…let us educate our children.”

Book Summary

Take a journey into the past!

Ancient Africa is a children’s book related to historic Kenya, Congo, Libya, and Egypt. Explore and uncover fascinating facts, unique artifacts, and sacred locations which once existed in Ancient Africa. This informative book also includes a poem and interactive pages to engage children in fun learning.”

 By Tricia Grame, Ph.D., Resident since 1985