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Now You Can Buy Before You Sell

You’re standing by the window, staring into the yard as you sip your warm cup…

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The Holidays are here and ‘tis the season to bling up!

The last few years have certainly been a unique time for couples. Whether it be…

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Hair for the Holidays

Hair loss should not be something that haunts you every time you look in the…

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Fire Hardening;

How Does it Affect Your Home?

The California market has been on fire this past year. In some areas that is…

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Hopeful for the Holidays

With the last almost two years of stress, uncertainty, and fear, the question left on…

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Hiring America’s Heroes

Cypress Lawn Partners with Journey to Serve Initiative

Over the past century, Cypress Lawn has forged a deep relationship with many veterans and…

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Financing Real Estate Projects

Hi, I’m Tom Rodriguez, SVP, Construction Loan Officer at Community Bank of the Bay. I…

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The Holiday Survival Kit

(A Coaching Conversation)

READY OR NOT, here it comes! It’s the Holiday Season! It should be a time…

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