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Meet Gwen Holtan

Healthy Living at its Finest

Relatively new to the area, but making a big impact to our town, is Gwen Holtan. Gwen moved to the Del Amigo neighborhood from Chicago in 2020. “When I was much younger, I lived in San Ramon with my family, so I was already familiar with the area. I’ve always wanted to move back, and here I am!” Choosing Danville was easy, as her older sister has lived here for some time. Being near family was a huge draw, as was all the amazing features our little town has to offer. 

For most of Gwen’s career she worked in healthcare at Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens. That career experience, when combined with her can-do attitude and passion for fitness, has led to her expanding her professional journey into business ownership and entrepreneurship in 2017. Her company has traveled with her from Chicago to Danville and is thriving in this new environment. 

Gwen is now the proud mind and body behind Beyond the Box Nutrition, “I am a certified health/nutrition coach… I provide services to help people lose weight, get healthier, and perform better in their chosen sport.” Gwen’s hands-on approach and simple solutions set her clients up for long-term success as opposed to quick fixes. Of her career shift, she says, “Many people need help with their health and wellness and I want to be part of the solution. Teaching and guiding people to live a healthier lifestyle is the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had.” 

She doesn’t just teach it, she lives it. As a young girl, Gwen was successful in trying out to be a ball girl at a professional tennis tournament. Her commitment to sport and competition led her to CrossFit, where she’s been training for over twelve years. The last seven years she has also challenged herself (and others!) in CrossFit competitions. Recently she just started playing Pickleball and is absolutely loving it. And of course, like most of us, long walks down the Iron Horse Trail never get old! A trip to the Farmer’s Market is a Saturday staple. Hand in hand with engaging in physical activities, Gwen loves to cook. Finding and developing new recipes that she can share with her clients keeps everyone happy! 

Gwen’s outgoing personality is able to shine as a member of the Alamo Danville Newcomers Club, “I have met some incredible women and participate in fun activities.” She is also looking forward to exploring the Danville Public Library more and taking oil painting and ukulele lessons through the town rec classes. If you love any of these activities, reach out! Gwen is always excited to meet new people. 

Living on a court has also allowed Gwen to establish close relationships with her neighbors, “We are always getting together in the court to celebrate birthdays and holidays. We share our favorite restaurants and shops in Danville so we can all enjoy what Danville has to offer.” 

Always by Gwen’s side is her pup, Chester. She adopted the little chihuahua mix in 2010. Chester is the ultimate Good Boy, finding all the joy in sunbathing and squirrel chasing. Taking a page out of Chester’s book, one of Gwen’s top pieces of advice is to spend time outdoors, “Nature is healing, and we have access to it all year long.” 

For example, last summer she went on a backpacking trip to Stanislaus Forest for three days. “We camped at Chewing Gum Lake, and it was beautiful and exhilarating. What a treat to not have access to a phone or laptop and just enjoy the sights and the company. I am looking forward to more outdoor California adventures, including hiking and camping.” 

If it hasn’t been made perfectly clear yet, Gwen is most certainly a motivated go-getter. Two of her favorite quotes are “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” and “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” 

If you ever want to get in contact with Gwen, she can be reached here: 

East Bay: 


FB and IG: @beyondtheboxnutrition 

Or give her a call! 925-744-6788

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017