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Meet Marley Jordan

All Things Macrame

Tucked back in the west side of Danville is a pair of creative newlyweds with a passion for giving back and serving their community: Marley Hudson and her husband, Russell. 

Marley graduated from California State University in Chico (Go Wildcats!). There she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Administration. Marley is happily putting her degree to good use as an Event Coordinator in San Ramon. Back in Danville she exercises her creative side with her home business Marley Mae Homemade, a macrame and more shop where she focuses on custom, one-of-a-kind pieces that will fill your home with joy. 

“I’ve been making macrame since 2017. I do a lot of custom pieces and pretty much every piece I create I have to force myself not to just keep it for my home! Right now I am exploring organic cotton rope projects like bowls, purses and hats. I just made this hat and absolutely LOVE it!!” You can check out the rest of Marley’s designs on her instagram page, @marleymaehomemade_ , and at her etsy site https://www.etsy. com/shop/MarleyMaeHomemade. Why is macrame her medium of choice? She says, “Macrame can soften the edges of any room, making yours the coziest of homes. I make custom pieces that perfectly fit into your home! I make everything from pot hangers, to hats, to 6 ft wall tapestries” 

Marley and Russell met several years ago, when Marley’s older sister connected them thanks to her friendship with Russell’s older brother. Marley remembers, “She says she was just trying to connect two friends, but I think she had bigger plans!” 

Marley and Russell were married in June of 2020 and moved to the Del Amigo neighborhood not long after. During the next 18 months, Russell and Marley were able to spend plenty of time together and really focus on entering this next chapter of their lives. New marriage, new house, and a whole new community to meet and enjoy! 

Photo provided by Dana Shular

When asked about their favorite part of their new neighborhood, Marley said, “We LOVE our neighbors! I love how active our little neighborhood is, always someone walking their dog or out on a stroll after dinner.” Being new to the area, Marley and Russell love that everyone is so outgoing and welcoming. “I just want to say how much I appreciate how friendly you all are! People actually say good morning to us as they walk past us on the trail, that is so unique and special!” They’d love to hear about any neighborhood events happening and can’t wait to get to know everyone better. 

You will most definitely catch them outside, as backpacking is a shared joy for them both. “I was a backpacking guide in college and Russell spent some time working at our local REI,” says Marley. After a year of marriage, the lovebirds were finally able to go on their dream honeymoon, “We spent 6 days in Hawaii, and we had the time of our lives!!! We went sailing, snorkeling, and drank a lot of Hawaiian Rum! We love adventuring together.” 

Luckily, many of their adventures have been captured by a very talented nature photographer, Russell. “He loves to walk around for days in the wilderness and take photos,” Marley gushes. The photos you see here were all taken by Russell. Aside from his gorgeous photography skills, Marley expresses that she loves how her husband is always the first one to offer help to a friend or family member in need. 

Their other driving passion is serving – both Marley and Russell volunteer at their new church, CPC, every Sunday. “I am most proud of the way my family chooses to serve our community/family. We don’t have a lot, but what we do have we are more than willing to share when someone is in need.” 

Give Marley a follow online and get lost in the beautiful images of her brilliant pieces! Maybe you’ll even find something to bring into your own home?! 

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By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017