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Meet the Andreatta-Booth Family

Chris, Kristen, Chas and Vincent

October of 2010 was a big month for many in the Bay area – it’s the year that the SF Giants went on to win their first World Series since 1954. But for Kristen Andreatta and Chris Booth, game 1 of the series was made even more special as it coincided with their San Francisco wedding! 

Years before, at everyone’s favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s, Chris and Kristen met. Kristen was working part-time at the Millbrae store as she worked on her master’s degree. Chris was the store supervisor, and after three years of working together and building a very strong friendship, they were ready for more. Chris, however, was very against dating any co-workers. But as Kristen says, “I wore him down and we fell in love.” It all ended up working out because he transferred to another store right when they started dating. 

Chris grew up in Washington, near Olympia. He attended the University of Washington and studied architecture. Finding such a wonderful company like Trader Joe’s to work for ended up pulling him in a different direction. He is a store supervisor here in the Bay area. He’s actually worked at 14 different Trader Joe’s, including one in Seattle, in his 20+ year career with the company. 

Kristen earned her BS in Biology and Biochemistry from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA. She went on to receive her MSc in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences from San Francisco State University. She is putting those degrees to good use as a virologist for a pharmaceutical company studying HIV drugs in clinical development. 

Chris and Kristen have two sons, Chas and Vincent. They also have six fish, although, “we have no real interesting stories about them”… because well, they’re fish. Which is probably lucky, seeing as how one of the most commonly used phrases in the house is “Who is watching Vincent?” He’s a mischievous 5-year-old with a big smile that would make you forgive just about anything! Chas is starting to enjoy the freedom of being an almost 9-year-old and able to ride his bike to nearby friends’ houses. 

Sports are huge with Kristen and all the boys! Chris played soccer his whole life, even joining his college’s practice team and rec leagues, although, his busy work schedule has prevented him from being able to play recreationally these days. Kristen was a collegiate athlete, playing volleyball even beyond school and only stopping in 2020 when the league was halted. Now they get to enjoy watching Chas and Vincent out on the soccer field. This year is their first year with Mustangs soccer, and they are loving it! Although, and surely most Montair parents will agree, the kids’ true passion lies in the gaga pit. In the warmer months, the Andreatta-Booth family love heading down to the Del Amigo pool, where they run into plenty of neighbors and enjoy swimming and socializing. 

Living in the Del Amigo neighborhood gives them the chance to be downtown at a moment’s notice, say hello to folks walking by, and genuinely enjoy their outdoor spaces. They both “love how kid-friendly this neighborhood (and Danville in general) is – there are so many places for kids to go and just hang out. Also, now that our kids are in school, we are loving being so involved in the Montair community.” At Montair, Chas and Vincent love playing with their friends and learning from their teachers. Chris and Kristen are equally busy at the school, with Kristen serving as one of this year’s co-chairs of the school Auction and Chris anxiously waiting for the chance to chaperone field trips again. 

Their home has been in the Booth family since 1960, when Chris’ grandparents first built it. Chris moved in to assist his aging grandmother in 2001 with Kristen joining him several years later. They officially purchased the house in 2013, just before Chas was born. For years Chris has been using his DIY skills on their house, “It’s all original still, and we’ve been slowly fixing it up ever since [we bought it].” Kristen has added her stamp to the home as well. “Last year my Covid project was growing a pumpkin patch in our front yard. I loved it! We got the front landscaped this spring so I moved my garden to the backyard and am about to harvest my haul!” 

Their tight family bond extends beyond just the four of them. They all love visiting Kristen’s extended family around the Bay area and traveling to the Pacific Northwest to see Chris’ family up in Washington. Each year they take a trip to the mountains, usually Pinecrest or Truckee. This past summer they made a special trip to Disneyland – a first for Vincent! 

At home one of the activities that brings Mom, Dad and the boys closer together is their love for movies. Chas is a big horror movie fan, so mom and dad are set with the task of finding age appropriate ones. Some of his favorites include A Quiet Place and the Netflix series, Stranger Things. As you can imagine, Halloween is a favorite holiday for everyone. Chas is by far the most excited about it: he loves it when he can be scary. 

And no matter the situation, everyone knows to tap into their inner Schwarzenegger when dad yells, “Get to the choppa!”

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By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017