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Meet the Carradine-Visola Family

Danville’s Hidden Fairyland

Just off of Danville Boulevard, in a quiet corner of downtown Danville lives Jordan and David Carradine, and their twins, Lex and Logan Visola. Thanks to a pandemic project and some friendly posts on NextDoor, their home has become a go-to location for neighbors (and more) while out on walks. Last year we featured their outdoor garden ( and its many transformations throughout the year – from an initial refreshed garden space and fairy-land to a pumpkin patch and later a full Christmas display. 

This time we are taking a closer look at the two special people behind the project! 

David was born and raised in San Francisco. He’s got a deep love for the 49ers and has worked as a Union Elevator Mechanic for the last 21 years. At home he is the go-to chef. Fan favorites include pulled pork sandwiches, tri-tip, and his famous fried chicken! Jordan says, “Everyone is always trying to find out what his recipe is. His mom taught him her secret recipe from Texas 30 years ago and he won’t share it! It’s absolutely delicious.” He loves fishing, kayaking and volunteering with Save Mount Diablo and other community organizations. 

In a far more agricultural setting, Jordan grew up in Modesto. There she was surrounded by farms, fruit trees and gardens – a passion that she brought with her to their home in Danville. “I followed in my father’s footsteps to become a Graphic Designer. He worked at Gallo Winery for 40 years retiring as the Vice President of the Creative Services Department. As a little girl he would take me to work with him on the weekends. He would give me big pieces of paper, markers and clay. I would try to be like him and draw my own label and bottle designs. A creative fire was ignited and it laid the path for my future career. I even graduated from the same University as he did (SJSU). I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for over 25 years. Now that my dad is retired we collaborate on some projects together – it’s an honor to work with my mentor.” 

What brought this city boy and country girl together? An encounter at Jordan’s cousin’s wedding, where Jordan spotted a handsome stranger across the room. Her cousin then played cupid to set them up on a date! In July of 2016 they met at Revel, continued the night over to Meenar’s (so David, who had never been to Danville before could get the whole downtown experience), and then ended their night with a four hour conversation at David’s truck, “We both knew immediately that there was something undeniably special between us.” They’ve been together ever since! On August 1, 2020 they tied the knot in their own front yard! 

18-year-old twins Lex and Logan have loved living in Danville. Logan is in school majoring in Engineering while Lex is double majoring in Political Science and Spanish. They are both working at Lucky, in Danville, while attending school. Together the family loves to vacation all over the west coast, from Seattle down to Mexico. 

Sweet rescue kitties, Flynn and Smoky, make everyone so happy at home!

Jordan and David’s front space has not only brought the neighborhood together, but it also served as an opportunity for them to bond further and discover shared passions. “I shared my gardening passion with David and now we’re both addicted to exploring nurseries and finding creative ways to maximize our space we have here (hence the fairy garden being created in the parking lot flower bed).“ In addition to revamping the parking lot garden bed, they’ve redone their large balcony and created an outdoor living space complete with a hydroponic garden, built by David. “We’ve just had our first harvest of romaine, kale, and broccoli – as well as parsley, mint and cilantro.” The garden outside is bustling with pollinators and lots of little creatures. “We have been able to watch the fascinating life cycle of the praying mantis that have made their way into our garden. From mating, laying an egg sac, to the mama waning and disappearing to watching the babies emerge from the egg sac on Mother’s Day this year!”

Praying Mantises are both friend and foe at the Carradine household: one little friend was actually responsible for the Danville Police Department showing up! Jordan was watering her Japanese Maple when a little guy jumped on her arm, and when she went to gently brush him off, he got up in her hair right on her ear. Her screams were loud enough to get the twins downstairs and trying to help, and apparently loud enough to cause three separate phone calls to DPD from concerned citizens! “I had resumed watering when the police arrived and he approached me to see if I was ok. When I told him the story he couldn’t stop laughing. David was upstairs taking a nap and missed the entire thing. Embarrassingly though our Ring camera did not!” 

If it hasn’t been said already, Jordan and David are living their dream here in Danville. “We always have people thanking us for bringing a lovely peaceful outdoor space for the community to enjoy year-round, but honestly it’s us that are thankful to be here and meet so many genuinely nice people. Everyone seems truly happy to live here. It is exactly the kind of place we had hoped to find and are grateful every day to be here!”

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By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017