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Meet the Carrigg Family: Better Together

Made up of Mike, Erin, Carter and Ryan, the Carrigg family began their story over a decade ago, just a stone’s throw from where they live now. 

Set up by a mutual friend, Mike and Erin met up for a blind date at a Danville Livery staple, Luna Loca. They enjoyed a night of great conversation and lots of laughs. After dating for a bit, they exchanged vows on the top floor of the Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco and have been happily married since 2010. 

Both balanced their academic load in college with athletics – Mike played rugby for two years at UC Berkeley, graduating in 2000. Erin received a full athletic scholarship to play soccer at University of Southern California. She was on the team all four years and loved the whole experience. After graduating in 2002, she came back to her hometown of Danville. 

With Erin’s parents in Alamo and Mike’s parents in Lafayette and Orinda, the Carrigg family often extends beyond just Mike, Erin and the boys. Erin says, “the grandparents are a big part of our lives.” Whether it’s soccer, baseball, rugby or football, the Carrigg boys often have a very happy and excited fan base. 

Carter and Ryan are energetic and lovable kids. They have a great network of neighborhood friends that they spend a lot of time with: swimming and climbing trees being two of their favorite group activities. This year Mike is assisting with Carter’s baseball team and managing Ryan’s team. According to Erin, “Mike is a very dedicated Dad. He goes above and beyond for our family.” Carter and Ryan aren’t the only two in the house that stay active: Mike loves golfing and Erin plays tennis. Erin is also a Board member for the Montair Foundation, helping to organize multiple fundraisers for the elementary school throughout the year. 

Mike is the Executive Managing Director of Colliers International in Pleasanton where he has spent the last 22 years working as a commercial real estate broker. Each year the whole family takes a trip to Hawaii for his annual sales awards trip. One of Erin’s favorite travel stories (sorry Mike, it was too good not to share!), is about an uninvited dinner guest: “One time during our visit we went out to a really nice dinner at one of the fancy hotels in Wailea. While we were enjoying our fancy meal, a HUGE cockroach landed on Mike’s sleeve and started running up his arm towards his neck/face. Mike FLEW out of his seat and started running around the restaurant yelling “cockroach” and screaming at the top of his lungs. I’ve never laughed so hard. I’m laughing while I’m writing this!” 

Erin is a real estate agent at The Agency in Alamo. It’s a career she’s incredibly passionate about, and has been studying her whole life, “My Dad managed the REO Department at World Savings Bank for 25 years; I learned everything I know about real estate from him.” After college she began a career in the industry, but on the loan side: First working for a national bank as a Loan Representative and Asset Manager, overseeing all the bank-owned properties in the greater Bay Area. These days she is taking her years of experience and consistent hard work and putting it to amazing use finding families their dream homes. 

Aside from parents and grandparents, another fixture at the boys’ activities is the family dog, Tracy, named after the city they got her in. She is a 12 year old cockapoo and is so incredibly sweet! 

Spending time together as a family is #1 on the Carriggs’ to-do list. They prioritize it and truly love each moment. Whether it’s at their family cabin in Tahoe, downtown Danville, or in their own backyard, they look forward to the quiet moments where everyone can just be together. 

The Carriggs moved into their current home about six years ago. Living on a small court with just a few houses, the last couple of years have really helped strengthen all the neighborhood relationships. Of course the kids make it easy, and the laughter in the court brings everyone outside to catch up. “Mike and I are most proud of the family we’ve created and the life we’ve built for ourselves in Danville. We feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this community.” 

A favorite question posed to our cover families is “What is your family motto?” Mike and Erin say, “Our family motto is to treat everyone with kindness and put your best foot forward each day.” 

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By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017