Resident Feature

Meet the Harrigans

Dreams come true!

They say “timing is everything”, and when you take the plunge into dating, especially in a big city like San Francisco, you hope that the timing is there… in the case of Sean and Tami Harrigan, it was the perfect time. In fact, Sean was Tami’s first date through! They met at a wine bar in North Beach called Dell Uva. “I still remember walking up being ecstatic that he was even better looking than his photos,” Tami says. Clearly Sean knew he found his perfect match, because he asked Tami out on a second date at the end of the evening, and they’ve been together ever since.

Sean’s family has a cabin tucked in the Eastern Sierras in a small mountain town called June Lake. He says, “it holds a special place in the hearts of anyone who visits. When we found a venue overlooking Gull Lake, we knew it was the right place for us to officially start our lives together.” Since Tami’s family lives in Illinois, they all had to travel. “it was quite the journey for them, but I think that they understood what the fuss was all about once they arrived.” So in July of 2015, surrounded by nature’s beauty, family and friends, Sean and Tami exchanged vows and headed back to the Bay Area as husband and wife!

Prior to moving to San Francisco, Tami graduated first from the University of Illinois with a BS in Finance, and then earned her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She is now Vice President of Global Partnerships for a commerce marketing platform called Criteo. She grew up in central Illinois on a corn and soybean farm. Tami’s hard work and perseverance is not only evident in her work accomplishments, but her personal ones as well. As a running enthusiast, Tami has run dozens of half marathons, several full marathons, and plenty of triathlons over the years. For an ultimate test of strength and endurance, Tami trained for the Lake Tahoe Ironman in 2014, which was unfortunately cancelled right before it was about to begin. With the training in the mountains came the opportunity to get to know Sean’s family better, “I was blessed to be able to spend many weekends in Incline Village in Lake Tahoe, where Sean’s parents have retired. At the time, we weren’t even engaged yet, but they graciously let me and my training partners make their home ‘training headquarters’ in the months leading up to the race.” To note a silver lining from that year – while training in Incline Village over Labor Day weekend, Sean asked Tami to marry him! She eventually did get to compete in an Ironman race – this time in Arizona. With two little boys at home, Tami is more focused on fun and quick ways to train, like Spenga and Peloton.

Sean graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Accounting and is a CPA. He is from Danville originally, and actually had a famous grandmother – Gale Storm of My Little Margie and The Gale Storm Show, Oh! Susanna. If you ever head to Hollywood, you can find her three stars on the Walk of Fame! How exciting to have that family history preserved forever!

About three years ago, after plenty of sleepless nights, thanks to his then newborn son, Sean began forming an idea for a hazy beer and barbecue joint. If this is sounding familiar, it’s because Sean is the CEO and co-founder of Danville’s own Hazy BBQ restaurant. His brother Brendan, a former accountant as well, spent a year honing his pitmaster skills after Sean pitched the idea of the restaurant, and the two of them set out to bring barbecue to the Bay. “It felt too good to be true when we found the space at 200 Hartz Avenue, a dilapidated building we had walked by hundreds of times just ó mile from our home. In May of 2019 the lease was signed and the rest is history!”

After almost two years of construction, including a 6+ month delay in the middle of a pandemic, Sean and Brendan opened Hazy BBQ on Hartz Ave in December of 2020. The Harrigans say, “It has been a wild ride to say the least, we’ve really relied on our faith in the darkest moments of the journey. We have been blessed with an amazing network of friends in the community who really showed up for us when we needed it the most. We are forever grateful and look forward to being part of the fabric of Danville for many, many years.” Tucked in the back of the restaurant are the restaurant’s two smokers, named after Sean’s favorite show, Mulder and Scully. Tami, who also loves to cook, is often contributing to the menu at Hazy.

Some of the many patrons you’ll find at Hazy include Sean’s lifelong friends from growing up here in Danville. If you’re lucky enough to come across them, ask about Sean’s “Bay Area Hit of the Year”, from his senior year in high school. Tami says, “the story is still a bit of a legend amongst his friends and sometimes the video footage will come out too!” Sean is still a big sports fanatic and uses that CPA brain to keep track of stats and players across any sport you can imagine. He grew up tailgating in Oakland, and is now what is referred to as a “recovering Raiders fan.”

Sean and Tami have two boys, Hudson, 3, and Walker, 1. These energetic little boys love everything from trash to wrestling with each other and being outside. Swimming and scootering are more of Hudson’s favorite things to do. As a family they enjoy walking out their front door in the Ryland cottages and walking through nearby downtown. And of course, the one keeping everyone on their toes is Roxie, a black lab that’s earned her nicknames (with lots of love!) of “Beast” and “The Thief.”

The Harrigans love their neighborhood, saying that their neighbors have become some of their best friends in Danville. They also attend nearby Community Presbyterian Church. With two young boys, a pup, and a restaurant approaching its one-year anniversary, life is pretty busy for Sean and Tami!   If you get a chance, pop in to Hazy BBQ and say hello!

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017