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It’s not often you hear of blind date success stories – but that is exactly what we have with this month’s featured family, Ryan and Natalia Lazarus. In the years since their introduction they’ve grown their family to include daughter Cienna (11), son Easton (9), and Golden Retriever Charlie (human years 6). 

Ryan and Natalia met near the end of their time in college, when Natalia was a senior and Ryan was finishing his clinical training. Some of the commonalities that helped light the spark between them were a love of traveling, Golden Retrievers, beaches, and healthy living. After making great impressions on each other’s families and deciding to push forward with planning their future together, they decided to really test their relationship on a two month backpacking trip through Europe. “We had to overcome many challenges including getting robbed in Barcelona, losing the key to all our luggage in Florence and running out of money in Athens.” During the highs and lows of said trip, they learned that they do indeed work well together and emerged even stronger than before. After three years of dating, they held a gorgeous wine country wedding back in Natalia’s hometown of Sonoma. 

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is a Board-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist, holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science from Cal Poly. He is the Clinical Director at Lazarus Wellness in downtown Danville. Ryan grew up in Los Altos, CA and came into his career in a dramatic and substantial fashion. At age 18 he suffered a life-threatening injury that crushed multiple internal organs and ended his thriving athletic career. Although he miraculously survived his accident, he was left with multiple debilitating illnesses including Type 1 Diabetes and frequent digestive failure. Ryan says, “The catastrophic event that could have ended my life has actually become the catalyst for my now decades long career as a medical professional. I have dedicated my life to helping others understand and unlock the power of their own unique genetic potential and deliver it with passion and excitement.” 

Coinciding with his practice downtown, Ryan is also the creator of the Wellness Warrior Rx program. His functional medicine approach uses top-notch technologies and comprehensive diagnostic testing to provide his patients with “personalized prescriptions for diet, exercise, and nutraceutical prescriptions based on labs and genetic tests.” Here his patients are able to live their lives at the most optimal level, based on their own specific needs and abilities. 

Natalia, a fitness enthusiast in her own right, is about to be a lot more recognizable to everyone here in Danville. She is one of the instructors at SPENGA Danville, a newly opened gym that specializes in cross-training for maximum benefits. Natalia is currently training to become a certified yoga instructor. She earned her degree in Communications from Santa Clara University and currently works for Allergan as an Interventional Glaucoma Senior Account Consultant, where she trains Ophthalmologists and their staff on new technologies suited for their practices. 

The Lazarus’ daughter, Cienna, was recently featured in the December issue of Danville Living CA for her business, “The Gift of Being Grateful”. You can read all about what led her to use her artistic abilities to craft gratitude boxes at our website – “https://www.danvillelivingca. com/danville-girl-starts-business/”. We can’t wait to see how else Cienna exercises her big heart and big talent! 

Easton is a sports fanatic. He loves playing soccer with his Mustang soccer team, but his favorites are baseball and football. Natalia, says, “He’s known for his lively spirit and contagious sense of humor.” Easton also enjoys playing the drums and skateboarding whenever he can. 

Charlie, the baby of the family, is an energetic Golden Retriever. He loves going on runs and heading to the park. Based on his ability to pull his leash and whoever is on the tail end of it, Charlie was a champion sled dog in a past life! 

Both kids are well versed in their family’s healthy lifestyle. They each have their own garden and grow their own vegetables to use in delicious and healthy dishes and salads that Natalia helps them create. They’ve been drinking green juice for breakfast long before it was the trendy thing to do! As a family, nothing can beat hiking in the hills or walking downtown, through the farmer’s market and beyond. The Lazaruses always schedule some extra time on their walks and runs to talk with neighbors and friends that they inevitably encounter while out and about.

In line with their everyday lifestyle, the whole family loves spending time at the beach and in the water. They love Santa Barbara, San Diego, Yosemite, and take yearly trips to Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Their future travel list is growing constantly, and they can’t wait to get out and explore even more epic locations.

Ryan and Natalia knew that Danville was going to be home when they saw how quaint and charming downtown was. They’ve been in their west side home for 11 years now and count their blessings every day. Their motto is best said in its entirety: “Instead of walking where the path may lead, consider exploring where there are no paths and create your own trail.” This process of goal setting and taking actionable steps to achieve those goals gives strength to the Lazarus’ mission in life, which is living it “to the fullest with purpose and passion while focusing on gratitude.”


By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017 

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