Resident Feature

Meet the Pet of the Month: Beau

Beau is a loving dog from the beginning to now. He was found in an Oakland alley as a puppy, (He was the size of his head now!) with nine other brothers and sisters without a mom. He is the sweetest dog we’ve ever met without barking or biting, though he looks like he would. 

While being black, except for a white heart on his chest, he is a rottweiler-pitbull. He is always funny while not trying to be, like this picture below. He is also one of the largest dogs I’ve ever seen. We found Beau at the Dublin SPCA, a place where there are great pets that need homes. 

He usually barks and howls in his dream! He acts like a cat, like being scared of water and licking himself! He is four years old. We all hope he is going to live so many more years. 

By Hannah Eloise Andrews, 2nd Grade