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Meet the Seaburys 

Let’s Get Cooking! 

Ben and Kim Seabury met in the “new traditional” fashion of online dating. It was love at first sight for Ben, as he recalls, “I knew I had found the One, and I better straighten up and keep her.” In July of 2015 they exchanged their forever “I dos” amidst the gorgeous rustic setting of a flower farm and barn. 

Kim attended college in the Bay Area, earning her BSN for Nursing. In 2020, she “took over for the Assistant Director of Nursing at George Mark, a world-renowned facility, that specializes in palliative, and end of life care for rare and terminal illnesses in children aged 0-26yrs old.” Showing compassion and strength to those who need it the most, her focus is on helping the suffering make the transition to a place of peace. 

Ben is a proud college dropout. He knew that leaving formal education behind was the best decision he could have made, and it allowed him to fight for and dive into his true passion – food. “An epicurean at heart, hospitality became his focus, and he was determined to own his own restaurant one day. Mission accomplished! Ben now owns and operates a very successful restaurant group throughout Northern California and Oregon.” Some of his restaurants include Polanco in Sacramento, The Star on Park in Alameda, and Ben & Nick’s Bar and Grill in Oakland. His most recent venture was opening El Charro 1947 in Walnut Creek. You can learn more about that journey on page 26. 

Together Ben and Kim have four wonderful kids. With the oldest two at Montair, both parents dedicate time to helping the school. Ben is a part of the Montair Dad’s Club and Kim is serving on the board of the Montair Foundation and co-chairs the annual Movie Night put on by the PTA. Giving back and donating to various other organizations focusing on children’s health and education allow them to show their girls how passion can help drive progress. Just a few months ago, the two oldest girls, Annabelle and Eleanor, accompanied Ben and several other dad and daughter partners to a YMCA Adventure Guide event (their group is called the Crows) where they cooked pizzas at The Star and then worked with a local organization to hand them out to the homeless. 

One of the Seabury family’s favorite pastimes is rooting for the good ole Orange and Black – Go Giants! They all love going to games, although they had to miss a few intense home games at the end of last season, when Kim was quickly approaching her due date with their newest family addition. 

Annabelle is a 9 year old dynamo at every sport she tries. She is currently on the swim team at Diablo Country Club, a fierce defensive soccer player for Mustangs and an all around standout softball player for the SRVGAL Stompers. Just last month, she played in multiple softball games for 7 hours straight! Her easy-going and speculative attitude balances out that determination and makes for a young girl, “sure to explore the world abound and celebrate with all those she encounters.” 

If you know Eleanor, the most independent 5 year old you’ll ever meet, you know that she has never met a stranger, laughs with her whole soul, and is destined to be the next restaurateur in the family! Dad describes her as “Gifted in navigating social constructs, her negotiation skills [excel] at staying up late, tasking her sisters with chores and commanding her attire.” Keep an eye out for this young force out on the soccer and softball fields, and in the pools, just like her big sister. 

Three-year-old Addison Oakes is an adoring, sweet and intuitive toddler. How can you not fall in love with this little one when she is characterized as, “A lover at heart she shares her mother’s instincts, compassion, and kindness. A friend of animals and fairy-princesses alike, Addison wins the hearts of everyone she encounters.” 

The youngest of the Seaburys is not-so-tiny, little Easton. As with most four month olds, he loves his mama and daddy, his three doting older sisters, and of course, sleeping and eating. Big things to come from the little man of the house! 

And if four kids didn’t keep them on their toes, Ben and Kim also have two fun dogs! Bodie Boy is a 4-year-old Alapaha Bulldog. He’s big, loyal, and knows to rotate between the girls’ rooms each night so that everyone is protected equally! Maggie May on the other hand, is an 18 month old English Mastiff and in the words of her loving parents, is “cute and dumb, Maggie is the clown of the Seabury Household.” Perhaps that moniker will change the day she stops eating Barbie dolls and spending all her free time at the emergency vet! 

This outdoor-loving family lives up in the hills of Las Trampas, with the most amazing views of Mt. Diablo from their front porch. They love their home, not just because of the view, but also because of the wonderful families that they share the neighborhood with. All the kids have school friends within walking distance, and neighborhood get-togethers are frequent and filled with fun. 

Ben and Kim’s love of Mexico extends to their girls. Although the kids prefer Cabo, because, who doesn’t? – Ben and Kim enjoy spending their time in Mexico City. The art, culture, and food came home with them, and can be seen on amazing display at their restaurant, Polanco, in Sacramento. 

Working hard is ingrained in the Seabury name, and Ben and Kim are so proud to see all of their kids exemplify this family trait. They will continue to push for their dreams and when they hit those… they’ll dream some more and start the cycle over again!

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By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017