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Meet the Steinmetz Family

Chase, Amy and Matt

Sixteen years ago Matt and Amy Steinmetz met at an old sports bar in Walnut Creek. This wasn’t their first encounter though, as Matt later admitted that he saw Amy about six months earlier, but missed the opportunity to actually meet her. In a twist fit for a romantic-comedy, their meet-cute was not as easy as Matt was hoping, “My husband will tell you I refused to dance with him, made fun of him and would not let him buy me a drink. I had also recently changed phone numbers so upon him asking me for my number I had to have my friend give it to him. He was sure it was a fake number…” Alas, like the genre dictates, this story has a happy ending. After weeks of speaking on the phone, they were able to go on an official first date. An engagement in 2006 led to a wedding in October of 2007. 

Matt grew up in Texas, by way of Iowa, and later moved to Danville in middle school. Amy is from a small community in Simi Valley, down in Southern California. While living in Concord, after their son, Chase, was born in 2012, they went on the hunt for that similar, family-oriented vibe, and found it right here! “I fell in love with Danville the second we drove through downtown. And one lunch at Pete’s Brass Rail and Carwash, seeing all of the families enjoying the beautiful, sunny day completely sold us on moving here. Matt also saw the opportunity to get his name on the wall at Pete’s and has been working hard at that since we moved,” says Amy. 

Amy left the mortgage industry to stay home with Chase and their two dogs, Annie the Golden Retriever and Opie the Terrier. The whole family loves their two pups and is often seen walking through their neighborhood with them. “We actually call Annie a “broken retriever” because she doesn’t get near water, though she is the sweetest dog ever. Opie, in perfect terrier fashion, rules the roost and loves to let us know anytime anyone dares walk near our house.” 

Volunteering at Montair Elementary, where Chase is in the third grade, Amy has met many other parents and made lots of friends. “I miss socializing and volunteering at school so much right now, but keeping Chase on task while doing his online learning has kept me busy! The dogs are loving all of the extra attention now that we are home so much!” Both Chase and Amy love reading and bringing everyone together for board games and puzzle solving. 

If you recognize Matt Steinmetz’s name, it’s because he is a member of our local Chamber of Commerce, “and Vice President of the local Real Estate Marketing Association that meets each week to promote our local community.” He followed his late father’s footsteps into the mortgage industry after turning his musical abilities from career to hobby. Now Matt continues sharing his love of music with Chase and pushing himself creatively in the kitchen. Help from friends, family members, and countless hours of reading and practicing have given Matt a delicious and relaxing hobby that everyone gets to enjoy. Chase has picked up the musical vibe and the two Steinmetz men practice their various instruments together. 

Like all families this year, traveling and general adventuring was derailed. “Covid has definitely slowed the traveling down, but we are living off of our memories of Scotland, Italy, Maui, Mexico, Tahoe,     etc.” During the summer the Steinmetz family loves to take their trailer camping up the Russian River, the Central Coast, gold country, and any local lakes. This active family does not sit still for very long! This summer gave them the opportunity to tackle honey-do lists, start some DIY and painting projects, and do some more local exploring. They also found some TV programs to entertain everyone, like Lego Masters and Master Chef Jr. 

Matt and Amy absolutely love the life they’ve formed here in Danville. Their motto, “Above all else, be kind” is straightforward, impactful, and clearly reflected in their everyday interactions. Amy says, “I have worked so hard to surround our family with like-minded people who care about each other, look out for each other, and spread kindness and positivity. And Matt has worked so hard to provide a beautiful home for us, creating experiences for the family and giving me the ability to stay home with Chase.” The Steinmetzes know that their neighborhood, known for the peacocks strolling about its streets, is going to be the perfect place for their family for many years to come. 

So neighbors, if you see Matt, Amy and Chase out walking Annie and Opie, stop and say hello, they would love to meet you! 

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017 

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