Resident Feature

My Italian Heritage Project

In school we’ve been working on a project called “My Heritage Project”. I know that my ancestors are from Italy. For this project, one of the things I shared was a family recipe. I chose to share figassa, which is an Italian bread. It is really easy to make and has a lot of salt and olive oil. It’s so delicious. My family likes to eat it a lot of different ways, like dipping it in olive oil with different seasonings, or using it for sandwiches. 











Another family recipe we make together is our ravioli. We eat this on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m just learning how to make it with my Nonno. There are a lot of steps to make a good ravioli. 

Some interesting facts I learned about Italy are: 

1) There are ancient buildings still standing there today. 

2) Pizza was invented in Napoli in 1860. 

3) It is really easy to spot on a map because it is shaped like a high-heel boot. 

This was me when I was 5 in Venice, Italy. There are no cars on the streets! You can walk or take a boat, called a gondola.

I can’t wait to learn even more about Italy. I’ve been there once and someday I hope we can go back to see our family.

By JP Sullivan, 2nd Grade