Resident Feature

Nourish the body, Nurture the SOUL!

We’ve heard over and over how to live a healthy lifestyle: we should eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and drink more water. So why don’t most of us do it then? 

Simply having the knowledge isn’t enough. Actually, doing something is where most of us get stuck. This is where Michelle comes in. As a health coach, she specializes in helping people create lasting change by meeting them where they are, and supporting them in making one small step at a time. 

Michelle has been a Danville resident since 2001, who started her health coaching business Heart and SOUL Wellness two years ago. After a 30-year career in mortgage banking, her own mid-life health challenges led her to pursue her passion for healing foods and nutrition. In 2017, she left her mortgage career to become a Certified Natural Chef at Bauman College, a holistic culinary school. She learned that food was only part of the equation, and that total wellness also comes from a mind-body connection that feeds the soul. 

 Now, as a National Board-Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC), and Adapt-Certified Functional Health Coach (A-CFHC), Michelle hopes to guide other women experiencing mid-life transition, by sharing a holistic approach in achieving total wellness. 

You ask, how does this work? We partner together. The client is always the expert in his or her own life. Michelle is there to guide you, support and empower you to make your desired goals a reality. She uses a number of different techniques such as positive psychology, motivational interviewing, the stages of change model (TTM) to name a few. By co-creating a safe, non-judgmental space for us to explore what’s in the way between you and your goals, together we discover your strengths, and your own wisdom to find solutions for the obstacles that have been standing in your way. It is through creating new habits that bring about lasting changes that will transform your life so that you can become the best you that you can be. 

What changes do you want to make this year? Who do you want to become in 2021? 

Michelle provides virtual small group, and private 1:1 coaching, and educational workshops. Dates to be announced on her website for future classes and workshops. 

Learn more about Michelle and her philosophy by visiting her website at or contact her directly at 

 By Michelle Smith, Heart & S.O.U.L Wellness