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Now You Can Buy Before You Sell

You’re standing by the window, staring into the yard as you sip your warm cup of tea. You smile to yourself, thinking of all of the beautiful memories you’ve created with the kids and loved ones over the years in this house. 

As you reminisce a few minutes, the house starts to feel a little quiet and a bit large, now that the kids are grown and moved out. Is downsizing a good idea at this point? 

Suppose you’ve considered buying a smaller home, but the thought of selling your home, moving somewhere temporarily, and the big ordeal that comes with it becomes overwhelming. In that case, the following is perfect for you. 

Introducing The NINE Loan! 

The NINE Loan is the first and only home loan that does NOT require income or employment on the application. 

How to qualify: 

  1. Substantial equity or down payment 
  2. Good Credit 
  3. Post-closing reserves (money in the bank after closing) 

Unlike traditional loans, the NINE loan provides the excellent benefit of staying in your current home while obtaining your new one. 

Additional benefits of buying your next home before having to sell first: 

Compete and win with a stronger purchase position by making a non-contingent offer on your next home. 

Qualify for your replacement home mortgage without income documentation or employment verification even if you’re retired, in-between jobs, or self-employed with low “verifiable” income. 

Obtain your new home financing driven entirely by a 25% down payment OR your existing home’s equity, sufficient post-closing reserves, and a decent mid-FICO score. 

Close on your new home, move in, and then have your agent sell your vacant & fully staged existing home for maximum value after you’ve moved out. 

If you’re considering the opportunity to buy before you sell, the NINE Loan may be the solution for you. For more information, visit or 

By W. Todd Galde, CrossCountry Mortgage 

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W. Todd Galde
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC

After more than 20 years, Todd Galde has mastered the process of helping borrowers with different income sources, matching the correct loan to their unique circumstances. We teach and advise, then we customize. A Direct Lender, Team Galde offers solutions with competitive rates and financing programs that give you more qualifying options, including the unique NINE Loan for owner-occupied purchase or refinance. Learn more at 

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