Expert Contribution

Our New Interior Design Studio:

A Space for Inspiration & Creation in the Heart of Danville

Shortly before the new year, we moved our studio to a charming historic building in downtown Danville. One day, a neighbor passing by shared a story about his experiences with the building when it was a family residence located down the block. I love this sense of community and coming to work where we’ve created an authentic representation of our brand in this elevated space with great natural light and street-front visibility.

When designing this space, we considered how our clients will feel when coming in for presentations. I want everyone to feel confident, comfortable and envision how our sophisticated and funky yet livable aesthetic would translate to their home. This is a space to create, share and explore, and hopefully one day soon, gather! We look forward to hosting small events to engage with our community. 

Everyone’s first question when they arrive is about the design, of course. We’ve merged the classic elements of this historic building with our edgy-sophisticated aesthetic, and created a space that feels more like a home we designed than a typical office. We love the vendors we work with on our projects, so it was a natural choice to showcase them at our studio, too. In designing the space, we followed the same process we do on projects: start with inspo and space planning and allow it to evolve. 

Just like a home, our porch sets the stage, a living room invites relaxed conversations, and a conference table, workstation, and project table foster creative output. The library serves as a visual backdrop, and is the heart of the studio. Form and function work in harmony here, so we crafted some special hacks to maximize productivity in the prettiest way possible. A large cabinet conceals rollouts that hide our project trays, while remaining easily accessible. 

As we look ahead to the wonderful things in store, we are eager to meet new clients for residential and hospitality projects and continue to challenge ourselves and grow. Give us a call or stop by the studio if we can help you achieve your design dreams.

By Casey Howard, Casey Howard Interior Design | Photography by Thomas Kuoh