Resident Feature

RAD Board Shop Opens in Danville

My husband, Jeremi has always wanted to own a skate shop. He remembers with fondness growing up in Danville-skateboarding and soccer was life. He will tell you about his seven buddies hanging out in a time before cell phones, cruising the trail rain or shine, about skating “yellow curb” and about the miles of memories, the moments, the friendships and the learning opportunities that came from being on a board. 

It took the pandemic of 2020 to gain perspective. We were all stuck in this strange distance requirement, our devise usage went up and there were no real things to do or places to go except the grocery store. Jeremi and I realized that skateboarding was one of the few activities we could do that got us outside, off our phones, and together as family all while staying six feet from others. We started thinking and dreaming and talking about how to make a skate shop happen. Question: are you ever really ready to take a chance, to take a risk, especially in the middle of a pandemic? Jeremi was- 1,000%. He believes in the positivity, friendships, confidence, expression and outlet skating gave him. 

Rad Board Shop family owners Jeremi, his wife Chandler, and their 5-year-old daughter are working hard putting the final touches at 181 Hartz Ave in Downtown Danville for the opening projected for early April. The real vision is multifaceted- to focus on the positivity of skateboarding and this amazing community of Danville while creating a skate shop that is welcoming and inclusive to EVERYONE- where the cruiser, beginner rider, or core skater can find what they want and need with helpful and knowledgeable service in a cool spot to hang. 

If you are new to the area or an OG (like the Richards Family), Nor Cal has been home to legendary rippers like Steve Caballero, Wade Speyer, Jamie Thomas and many more. These pioneers helped put the Bay Area on the map as a skateboard hotspot and you may recognize local skate spots in videos streaming inside Rad Board Shop. 

We can’t wait to welcome you in- to hear your skating stories, to share our passion, and to create friendships and a community of new and experienced skaters. 

By Chandler Richards, Owner RAD Board Shop