Resident Feature

School’s Out For …. the Rest of the Year

In times of uncertainty, we often revert to feeling anxious. The questions that came to the minds of many local students were, “Are we going back to school?” and “How long is Covid-19 going to last?” Unfortunately, on April 7th, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District announced the closure of schools until the Fall. 

As I write this article, I know that at this time of the day, I should be in my AP Psychology class with my peers. In reality, I’m at home wearing sweatpants, wondering when my life will go back to “normal.”

At San Ramon Valley High School, every student is impacted by our current situation. We are all (hopefully) at home, wearing our sweats, and wishing to wake up from this nightmare. Although SRVHS’s school year may be cut short, most students will have the opportunity to appreciate every football game, rally, dance, and show the following year. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the class of 2020. 

Everyone anticipates their senior year to be magical; filled with goodbyes and new beginnings. Although this year started out that way, the closure of SRVHS has cost all of us seniors to lose valuable time enjoying each other’s company and SRV’s unique events. At this point in time, seniors are wondering if they will get to experience being a Wolf, for at least one more day. As I communicate with my peers, graduation appears to be the center of our conversations. Is there an alternative method to celebrate our accomplishments with our family, friends, and teachers? “The thought of not having a graduation brings tears to my eyes and sadness in my heart,” revealed Ella, a senior at SRVHS. Graduation is important for closure, allowing our community to come together for the last time before seniors embark on their new journeys.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the graduating class of 2020 as they plan for their future after high school. The closure of universities across the United States has made an important decision even more challenging for seniors. This Spring should have been filled with campus tours and interviews, important steps in determining where a person wants to commit. A campus in the essence of a university, and allows students to envision whether or not they belong in that environment. The fact that seniors are unable to visit in and out of state universities affects their decisions tremendously, some may even second guess their top choices. Thankfully, most universities are providing students with virtual tours of the campus to help students and families experience their atmosphere from afar. Universities are striving to provide potential students with all of the technological resources possible to make an educated decision. 

On the homefront, SRVHS staff are working diligently to make senior year decisions and activities enjoyable from home. On a daily basis, SRV students receive emails from staff and teachers regarding how to handle new developments. As classroom discussions have transformed to Zoom meetings, teachers are still helping students with their personal and academic concerns. SRVHS’s Speech and Debate coach and Leadership teacher, Janet Willford, gathered surveys from seniors to determine the best method to celebrate their accomplishments. On May 1st, seniors at SRVHS celebrate Decision Day by wearing the merchandise of the university or college that they will be attending in the fall. Although SRVHS will not be in session on May 1st, Mrs. Willford is determined to celebrate seniors in a creative, unique manner. The support SRVHS staff members have offered provides students with a sense of hope and importance.

While the world waits to hear the constantly-changing news, all we can do is support one another in hopes to ease our anxiety. The class of 2020 is graduating during an unprecedented scenario. We’re controlling what we can and truly look forward to celebrating with friends and family once it’s safe to gather again. 

By Shelby Falahat, Junior Reporter, SRVHS