Expert Contribution

Seasonal Shifts:

A Transitional Approach to Lifestyle and Design

This time of year is full of hope as the seasons transition to Summer with warm days and nights still cool enough to cozy up to an outdoor fireplace. This year brings even more meaning to the idea of the seasonal shift as we step into new tiers of reopening and our collective energy feels that much brighter and more hopeful.

Ever-inspired by nature and our community, this period has brought wonderful moments of reflection on the importance of balance, being present, adding value, and the notion of quality over quantity. As true and timely as these ideas are for our personal lives, they ring equally true in the exploration of thoughtful and intentional design. We find ourselves having slightly different conversations with our clients and opening our studio to explore a new category of services. Throughout the last year, our homes have revealed themselves to be even more important as our safe havens and sanctuaries, and our outdoor spaces have become necessary extensions; and so we expand our design eyes to serve landscape, hardscape, and outdoor spaces as we would interiors.

As it is often encouraged to bring the outdoors in, we also believe in bringing the indoors out, and treating exterior spaces with the same attention and elevated design elements. The tenets of transitional design style are about merging classic with modern, layering texture and color, with an emphasis on understated elegance. At Casey Howard Interior Design, we also add our unique touch of the unexpected to the mix. Whether you’re taking on your own home projects, or consulting a professional to spruce up your landscaping, modify the flow of a courtyard, or furnish a poolside, these guidelines apply and will help prepare your space for a hopeful shift of seasons and beyond.

Give us a call, or stop by our studio in downtown Danville to see if we can help you achieve your design dreams for your interior or exterior spaces, or both!

By Casey Howard, Casey Howard Interior Design

Photo by Margot Hartford Photography