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Serving All Religions and Cultural Traditions with Sensitivity and Care

With a population made up of Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Latinos, among others, the Bay Area is rich in religious and cultural diversity. It’s one of the many things that makes this part of the world so vibrant and inspiring.

A funeral presents a meaningful opportunity to honor a loved one with a personalized ceremony designed around their individual beliefs and customs.

Here at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we are proud to offer our neighbors high-quality funeral services that integrate each group’s unique cultural identity and point of view. Nearly every family we serve has a compelling history based on their geographical origins, familial structure, and other social factors.

Many families have their own distinctive approach to death and memorialization based on their cultural and religious preferences.

Chinese funeral traditions rely heavily on the connection between the younger generations with their parents and grandparents, as elders are greatly respected in the Chinese community. Some Chinese families observe traditional Buddhist funeral practices, while others may incorporate Christian or Catholic readings into a loved one’s service.

Most Filipinos living in the Bay Area are devout Roman Catholics, so the majority of our families from the Philippines follow Catholic funeral rites. Most Filipino funerals involve a priest blessing the deceased, a wake lasting three to seven days, a funeral procession, and a Mass held at the church.

Mexican families make up the largest group of Latinos in the Bay Area, and their death practices blend Aztec, Mayan, and Catholic beliefs. The Hispanic emphasis on family imparts every death practice with a deep reverence for the dead. Sharing food and drink at a reception is an important facet of these funerals, and we are honored to help families celebrate life in this special way.

At Cypress Lawn, we honor the traditions of every neighborhood family, no matter their cultural or religious background. We encourage families to explore the detailed information on funeral, cremation, and burial services available at You can also contact us by phone at (650) 755-0580.

By Robert A. Gordon Jr., President & CEO of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, Resident since 2017

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