Resident Feature

Share Your Story

During the Time of COVID-19

The Museum of the San Ramon Valley is back! They are open for limited hours but have a couple ongoing exhibits – and everyone’s favorite trains will show up again this summer. 

Currently they are gathering stories from YOUR experience during the last 12 months. Below is an excerpt from the website to describe this amazing project. 

“We are living through historic times. It is the mission of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley to collect and preserve the history of the Valley. It is fitting that the museum collect the stories of Valley residents and how they have lived during this time. For future generations, the thoughts and experiences of people during COVID-19 will give valuable insights of what it was like to live at this time. 

The Museum is creating a collection to document life in the San Ramon Valley during this unique and challenging time. We are inviting you to share your stories, art that you created, photography, poetry, and anything that you wish to share related to living during the pandemic.” 

Head to to share your story and be remembered in the Valley forever!

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017