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SPENGA your all-in-one workout

emphasizing SPin - strENgth - yoGA

Say goodbye to multiple gym memberships and hello to Danville’s newest fitness studio, SPENGA! If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz is about, here’s your inside scoop. 

  Unlike other fitness studios, SPENGA combines three essential elements of fitness to create one workout that is simply known as the best workout ever. Each 60 minute SPENGA session boosts your endurance, strengthens your muscles and restores your body through 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of HIIT training and 20 minutes of yoga. A routine unlike your ordinary, SPENGA sessions inspire with power boosting music, energy-fueled HIIT training, and revitalizing active recovery that bring you one class closer to discovering your healthiest, happiest self. 

So who’s bringing your favorite new studio to Danville? Two Bay Area families who happened upon this business by chance, but invested by choice. The Drotars and Passanissis fell in love with the model and the idea of providing adjustable and sustainable fitness to their families, friends and local communities. When researching Northern California’s first SPENGA location, their attention was caught by Danville’s family-feel town. 

“Our easiest decision to date was picking the location,” commented co-owner Shannon Drotar. “The Danville community has been welcoming and supportive beyond measure. We are building this studio for our members, because they are the heart of our business. And we can’t wait to open our studio doors and ride, rep and revive with our #SPENGAFam!” 

Aiming to open later this fall, SPENGA is ready to make a positive impact on Danville’s mind, body and soul. Stay tuned because they have some surprises in the works and lots of fun swag to share! 

Be sure to follow their Instagram and like their Facebook page for news and updates on their opening date! 

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Story and Photos by Rachel Wood, Resident since 1999