Resident Feature

Tee it Up Looking Ahead

Learning to play golf has changed the way I connect with people. I did not understand the value of knowing the game of golf until I learned how to play nearly 4 years ago. It has opened up the door to conversations with people I would not normally have connected with in the past. It has activated my athletic and competitive spirit, which, for a long time, I have funneled through my children and the sports they play. I have a new appreciation for my parents and their athletic abilities, which often spark conversations about all kinds of “golf” topics. Last week, they called with excitement as they won 1st place at a tournament! Bonds are created with people in all facets of your life when you know and play the game of golf. From family to coworkers, golf is a topic that crosses genders, cultures, and ages. 

Realizing how impactful golf can be in so many facets of one’s life, I bought my son a great set of clubs for his high school graduation. He had taken a few lessons when he was little, and recently we have played together a few times. Well, finally it happened! He called and said, “Mom, guess what? I signed up for a golf tournament!” My hopes are that these golf clubs will be a gift that keeps on giving. May he use them in good health, happiness and prosperity! My heart is happy!! 

Lynne Harrosh is an avid golfer and traveler. Follow her on Facebook & Instagram @TeeItUpTravel to get connected to the best places to golf, golf technology, golf equipment, discounts on green fees, stay & plays, and golf travel – 

By Lynne Harrosh, Resident since 2008