Resident Feature

Thank You, John Doyle!

To many, John Doyle has played multiple positions in his lifelong soccer career; U.S. Men’s National Team and World Cup member, Olympian, teammate, coach, and Earthquakes General Manager to name a few. But to countless families in the Town of Danville & Alamo communities, he has been the strongest influencer on why the Mustang Soccer Club exists today. After 21 years as the Director of Coaching, John Doyle has stepped away from his Mustang Soccer duties and moved to Copperopolis, CA.

Mustang Soccer’s current Board of Directors President, Richard Northing, recently commented, “John’s wonderful leadership as our Director of Coaching has instilled his ‘player first philosophy’ within the Mustang coaching curriculum, where it will live forever. I can’t thank John enough for all his contributions to the club.” Richard went on to list many of John’s accomplishments during his tenure; created a Top 20 girls program in the country, built out the Mustang Soccer Complex, created relationships with many prominent suppliers, and established Mustang as the Bay Area’s leading community-based boys and girls soccer club.

Scott MacDougall, a longtime friend of John Doyle and Alumnus of the Mustang Soccer Board of Directors, shared the same sentiments, “John took a flawed competitive program at Mustang and changed it to be a community-first minded program; with rules centered around providing players within our community the opportunity to play within their hometown, with their friends, and at the playing level of their choosing.” Scott acknowledged all of the programs and levels that Mustang Soccer currently offers; ECNL, Competitive Elite, Competitive Premier, Rec Plus, Rec, and Juniors.

John would like to be remembered for “helping to create a community-based culture where our players and families were always put first. Our competitive program grew to 50+ teams, all with professional coaches that care about our players’ development on and off the field, who cultivate these players to be adaptable in any system or style of play. It is important to lead by example, I always tried to treat everyone with respect as relationships matter more than wins, reminded everyone that family should come first and before soccer, to have fun, and that we are all in the same Mustang family so let’s be kind to one another.” 

“I was trained by John Doyle from the very beginning to the end of my Mustang playing career. He brought out the best in me and my fellow teammates, assisted in my professional career with an Earthquakes internship, and my current role at Mustang. He is someone I know I can always count on,” reminisced Michaela DeJesus, Mustang Soccer Competitive Division Registrar and Scheduler. 

Life-long friend, business partner, co-worker, and Executive Director of Mustang Soccer, Fred Wilson, is grateful for his time at Mustang with John. “Many don’t realize that John brought a model of coaching that includes honesty, integrity, truth, positivity, fun, and age-appropriate player expectations. Over the years, his model has been ingrained in all of our Mustang coaches and is evidenced by the tenure of our directors and coaches. Although I will miss the day-to-day interactions with John, as well as his great counsel, I have full confidence that our Girls and Boys Directors, Patrick Uriz and Joe Owen, will continue with John’s model.” 

John Doyle, the Mustang Soccer community is blessed to have had your presence for 21 years. Thank you for all you have done and for making Mustang the great place it is today! 

By Melissa Durkee, Mustang Soccer Club