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The Great Resignation (Creating Passion and Value)

If you are a member of the Great Resignation, congratulations to you and your bravery to rediscover who you want to be! If you are a tenured employee, over 40 years old and established, this may feel like a midlife crisis decision. Let’s face it. The pandemic has challenged us in our personal lives and our careers. It has also awakened us to what is possible and to understand ourselves and our resilience as life changes. 

Studies are finding that a good amount of those quitting their careers are older, tenured employees. These are the employees who have the financial means to re-establish themselves. Some are branching out to open their own businesses. Others are creating a world that offers more flexible hours or a part-time schedule to have time to invest in what they love. 

You may have been pondering resigning for a while to switch gears into a new career or a different lifestyle. The pandemic has opened possibilities. Through its challenges, more companies have found that employees can be just as productive working through Zoom and doing remote work. Some companies are creating hybrid models to meet the needs of their employees. Employees are discovering that their lives do not have to be like their parents’ and other generations before them. They don’t have to wait until retirement age to create the lifestyle they crave now. 

I happen to be in this group. After several years of wearing many hats in education, from classroom educator to lead counselor, the time was ripe to take my transferable skills, go back to the University of California system, and become certified as a transitional/executive life coach. This transition allows me to partner with others in establishing who they want to be. It also allows me time for my family and my hobbies – golf and tennis. 

As you create what your future will be, what is holding you back in making this transition? If you are somebody who tends to put roadblocks in the way of your goals, maybe it’s time to evaluate what keeps you from being fully vested in what you are capable of doing. Often, we allow negative self talk to keep us from fully challenging ourselves. Whether it is the fear of failure or the fear of change, these limitations become the voice of “could have, would have, should have.” 

May I invite you to envision who you want to be in the next five to ten years? Consider the barriers that are in the way of you achieving your goals. Make a list of steps to start your journey. If you need a partner, a coach, to keep you on track, EYHLifeCoach can help motivate you to success. Life is too short to collect regrets instead of creating successes. There is no time like the present to blaze your trail to realize the possibilities. 

Are you ready to explore what is possible? 

By Christina Dalton, MS, PPS, PCC, EYH Life Coach 

Christina Dalton is the Principal of EYH Life Coach. She applies her own personal and career transitions along with several degrees and credentials to provide insight and knowledge into the coaching experience. Christina handpicks her staff, all of whom are ICF credentialed and have unique experiences to create invaluable coaching sessions.

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Christina Dalton
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Christina Dalton is the principal Life Coach for Expanding YOUR Horizons. She is credentialed through ICF as a PCC, Professional Certified Coach. She has worked with people in all stages of life; including students, families, new businesses, etc. Christina embodies the passion and enthusiasm for you to reach your FULL professional and personal potential. “Working with us is a wonderful journey in growth fueled by empowerment, passion and execution.”

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