Resident Feature

Welcome to El Charro 1947!

Sitting pretty on a corner of N. Broadway in Walnut Creek lies the newest, yet classic restaurant that has captured the hearts of East Bay residents since 1947. Great food, cool atmosphere, and a cornbread that’ll knock your socks off, this is sure to be a new family favorite! 

El Charro began in Lafayette as a way to infuse authentic Mexican cuisine with a cool Cali influence. The original El Charro, opened by Fidel “Frank” Garcia ran for nearly 50 years before it was taken over by Laura and Dave Shields. These former employees ran El Charro with all the love and care of their predecessor and enjoyed seeing the next generation of El Charro patrons flock through their doors. 

Now El Charro is back for the elusive Act III under the watch of Ben Seabury and Jon Guhl. They’ve worked hard to honor the history of the original El Charro (hello Charro butter!) while bringing in fresh ideas and recipes. That aforementioned cornbread was actually a recipe that Ben’s mother cooked up throughout his childhood.

Mood enhancing lights, quesabirria tacos (I really shouldn’t need to say more beyond that…they’re amazing) seating for parties of any size, and a margarita that you are guaranteed to love all come together to sing their siren song and call you through the front doors!

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017 
Photos courtesy of Chantel Elder, Eleakis & Elder Photography