Resident Feature

Year of Random Holidays

Coming into 2022 we wanted to bring a little less screen time into our lives. So we thought about the easiest way to keep that up all year long, because let’s be honest: if it isn’t easy, we won’t last. Enter what we’re calling the “Year of Random Holidays!” 

Interpret and Celebrate however you’d like! Hope some of these brighten up your days! 

June 8: Best Friends Day 

June 11: Corn on the Cob Day 

June 14: Flag Day 

June 15: Worldwide Day of Giving 

June 16: Fresh Veggies Day 

June 17: Apple Strudel Day 

June 18: International Sushi Day 

June 21: International Day of Yoga, World Music Day 

June 22: Onion Ring Day 

June 23: National Pink Day 

June 25: Color TV Day 

June 26: Tropical Cocktail Day 

June 27: Sunglasses Day, Pineapple Day 

June 29: National Camera Day 

July 5: Bikini Day 

July 7: Macaroni Day

If you partake in any of these awesome holidays, please send us some pictures! We’d love to see how everyone celebrates! Email your photos to or tag us on Facebook and Instagram at @danvillelivingca 

By Alexandra Sullivan, Resident since 2017