Resident Feature

Year of Random Holidays

Coming into 2022 we wanted to bring a little less screen time into our lives. So we thought about the easiest way to keep that up all year long, because let’s be honest: if it isn’t easy, we won’t last. Enter what we’re calling the “Year of Random Holidays!” 

Interpret and Celebrate however you’d like! Hope some of these brighten up your days!! 

Feb 9: Chocolate Day 

Feb 10: Flannel Day 

Feb 11: Make A Friend Day and White T-shirt Day 

Feb 12: Hot Tea Day 

Feb 13: Kiss Day 

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day 

Fe 18: Drink Wine Day (for the parents only!) 

Feb 20: Love Your Pet Day 

Feb 26: Pistachio Day 

Feb 27: International Polar Bear Day and National Strawberry Day 

Mar 1: National Pig Day 

Mar 2: Old Stuff Day 

Mar 3: Peach Blossom Day 

Mar 6: Dentist’s Day 

If you partake in any of these awesome holidays, please send us some pictures! We’d love to …see how everyone celebrates! Email your pics to or tag us on instagram @danvillelivingca