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You Want to See the World —

But Are You Prepared?

As the world reopens in the aftermath of the pandemic, many Americans are starting to make travel plans for the first time in what feels like forever.

More of us are feeling comfortable to get on planes again — to destinations across the country and maybe even across the world.

We are more aware than ever before just how unexpected life can be and the twists and turns of our journeys. However, when planning a vacation, we aren’t thinking about the worst-case scenario.


Should a loved one die away from home, the costs of bringing them back home or transporting them abroad can be astronomical and extremely complicated. 

On average, it can cost $20,000 to transport a loved one who died in China back to the U.S. From Italy, it’s around $10,000. Even within the U.S., transporting someone from across the country can cost somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000.

Time and time again, our team has witnessed the pain of families who were caught off guard, trying to cope with their grief while being hit with unexpected expenses and fees.

Cypress Lawn offers a Travel Protection Plan as an important way to shield your family from these financial and logistical complications during a time of emotional pain and stress. This plan gives families the coverage they need — and peace of mind they deserve.

This one-time, lifetime fee covers the costs associated with transporting a loved one back home, including securing the documentation and paperwork, ensuring their body is placed in the correct type of container, handling the logistics of air transportation, and guaranteeing your loved one is treated with dignity and respect every step of the way.

We strongly believe in our Travel Protection Plan because it provides an additional layer of defense for families against the unknown. Many of the families we meet with at Cypress Lawn decide to include the Travel Protection Plan as part of their preplanning arrangements. 

When you’re ready to learn more about this important program, don’t hesitate to contact our team of caring professionals.

By Robert A. Gordon Jr., President & CEO of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, Resident since 2017

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